The Coachella Valley has saved 50 billion gallons of water since 2015. Your dedication to conserve and be water wise is helping our Valley be more resilient to the impacts of future droughts.

Each of us plays a big role in the effort to conserve. What is your Water FootPrint? During this Valentines season, take a moment to think about how much water you are really using. Maybe you are buying valentines cards, a box of chocolate for a friend, or maybe even a dozen roses. How much water does this take?

50 Billion Gallons of Water is equivalent to:

  • 1.6 million dozen Roses
  • 16.6 million sheets of Paper
  • 110 thousand Chocolate Bars
  • 22 thousand pairs of Shoes

And here’s a few more to consider:

Visit the water calculator to add up your water Footprint.