The water understands
Civilization well;

It wets my foot, but prettily,
It chills my life, but wittily,
It is not disconcerted,
It is not broken-hearted:
Well used, it decketh joy,
Adorneth, doubleth joy:
Ill-used, it will destroy,
In perfect time and measure
With a face of golden pleasure
Elegantly destroy.

How often do you think of water? We at CV Water Counts, we are always thinking of water. If you were to take less than ten minutes to think about all the ways your family uses water what would your list consist of? Use our Walkthrough Checklist to help improve your use efficiency and discover water savings from inside your house and outdoors. You may discover water leaks in your kitchen or your bathroom. You may discover a leaking sprinkler that works at night has been leaking and watering your sidewalk.  Readjust them so that they are only spraying your lawn. As Emerson wrote, water used well brings joy, like growing vegetables and native plants, or taking a dip in a backyard pool. However, he also wrote that ill-used water creates leaks and other headaches, like overwatered plants and higher water bills.