Latest Coachella Valley Water Conservation News2021-01-20T10:26:14-08:00

Landscaping Tip Of The Month: Diy: Replace Sprinklers With Drip Irrigation

Overhead sprayers are useful for watering grass lawns, but they are inefficient for other types of landscaping. We’ve all seen what happens when sprinklers are running on a windy day – the water goes everywhere it shouldn’t, and some of the spray evaporates before it hits the ground. […]

Agency Spotlight: Myoma Dunes Mutual Water Company

Myoma Dunes Mutual Water Company (MDMWC) is celebrating its 70th anniversary, having provided clean and reliable drinking water to its customers for seven decades. MDMWC is a small mutual water company serving approximately 2,500 residents in Bermuda Dunes (formally called Myoma Dunes) since 1953 and later a portion of the La Quinta area since 2005. The community is served from five company owned water wells located in the same service area. […]

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