Did you know there are more than a hundred ways to save water? And some of them are really easy. Here’s just a few!

Indoor Tips

Changing your behavior around the house can save on monthly water bills, and help protect a precious resource.

  • Upgrade your washing machine, dishwasher and toilets to more water efficient models.

  • Repair drips and leaks.

  • Install a high efficiency showerhead or take shorter showers.

  • Check with your water agency to see what rebates are available in your area.

  • Test your toilet for leaks at least once a year.

  • Install low-flow appliances.

  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

  • Install aerators on household faucets.

  • Run your washer and dishwasher only when they are full.

  • Your used hand sanitizing wipes should go in the garbage, not your toilet.

  • Upgrade your older toilets with water-saving WaterSense® models.

  • When washing dishes by hand, don’t let the water run. Fill one basin with wash water and the other with rinse water.

  • Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap.

  • Scrape dishes rather than rinsing them before washing.

Just a few more Indoor Tips include:

  • Check sinks, toilets and showerheads for household leaks.

  • Select the proper pan size for cooking. Large pans may require more cooking water than necessary.

  • Fill the bathtub half full while bathing.

  • Thaw food in the refrigerator rather than under running water.

  • Soak pots and pans instead of letting the water run while you scrape them clean.

  • Don’t throw unused water down the drain, use it for plants and trees.

Outdoor Tips

Most water used in the Coachella Valley is outdoors. Make sure that you’re doing what you can in the yard to stop water waste.

  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your patio, sidewalk and driveway.

  • Use an automatic shutoff nozzle while you wash your car. You’ll save up to a hundred gallons every time.

  • Wash your pets outdoors, in an area of your lawn that needs water.

  • Convert your lawns to drought-friendly landscaping. For tips and inspiration, click here.

  • Weed your lawn and garden regularly.

  • Report broken pipes or sprinklers to owners or your local water agency.

  • Know where your master water shut-off valve is located in case of a leak.

  • Switch to high-efficiency sprinkler heads.

  • Water your yard in the morning or evening, when it’s cooler.

  • Change your irrigation controller with the seasons or get a smart controller.

  • After it’s been raining, turn off your sprinklers for the next 3 days!

  • Use drip irrigation on shrubs and trees to provide the appropriate amount of water without overdoing it.

  • Check your sprinkler heads.

  • Water your plants only when necessary.

  • Choose desert-friendly plants that don’t require much water.

Just a few more Outdoor Tips include:

  • Plan your landscape to minimize your water runoff. Reducing water run-off has the added benefit of limiting standing water sources where mosquitoes lay their eggs which can protect you and your family from the mosquito-borne disease West Nile virus. Visit www.cvmvcd.org for more info on vector control.

  • Set your lawn mower to a higher setting; longer grass keeps the soil moist.

  • Reduce the amount of lawn in your yard by planting shrubs and ground covers appropriate to your site, and region.

  • Apply water only as fast as the soil can absorb it.

  • Adjust your water schedule each month to match seasonal weather conditions and landscape requirements.

State Prohibition and Requirements

The following actions are currently prohibited by the State:

• Using water to wash sidewalks and driveways
• Causing water run-off with irrigation
• Using a hose without a shut-off nozzle to wash a car
• Using fountains or water features that do not recirculate
• Watering when it is raining and 48 hours after measurable rain

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