CV Water Counts, a collaborative of the valley’s six public water agencies, recently tallied water savings from June of 2015 – the implementation date of the State’s drought mandate – to the present. Results indicate that residents and businesses in the Coachella Valley have been water wise, saving more than 50 billion gallons of water.

The savings realized are over approximately 4.5 years, based on an average annual population in the Coachella Valley of 500,000 (low of 400,000 and high of 600,000). To put the water savings into context, 50 billion gallons equals:

  • 1 billion bathtubs (50 gallons per bath) or 2,000 baths per person
  • 1,250 million loads of laundry (40 gallons per load) or 2,500 loads of laundry per person
  • 320 billion venti lattes (20 oz) or 640,000 venti lattes per person
  • 400 billion pints of beer or 800,000 pints of beer per person

Many residents and businesses have come to realize that water is a precious resource, and that conservation is a way of life. Many have all made permanent water-saving changes that will benefit our valley for years to come. The CV Water Counts team is committed to promoting a water-wise valley lifestyle as something permanent.

Though some years are classified as drought years and others are not due to rainfall levels, using less water is key to protecting our local groundwater. Water should never be wasted. And having a local water supply doesn’t mean we can afford to be irresponsible with our water use. That’s why it’s important that we all work together to preserve and protect our water supply. This means investing in recycled water and using Colorado River water to reduce demand on the aquifer. It also means empowering our greatest ally – you, the local water user – by giving you the tools and information you need to use water efficiently. Responsible water use helps you keep your bills as low as possible, while ensuring that a reliable water supply is available for future generations.

Landscaping is the largest water use for homes and businesses. Typical Coachella Valley homes use about 70 percent of their water outside, so looking to your lawn and garden is a great place to start. Each water district has worked to develop rebates – both outdoors and indoors – that best suit its customers. Some rebates are funded through grants unique to the district. Local agencies have a variety of programs and incentives that help customers save. They also work with local governments and developers to plan for reduced water use in the future, and partner with large water users, such as the agriculture industry, golf courses, and schools, to improve water efficiency and reduce drain on the aquifer.

To find out more about how you can protect our most precious resource, click here.