Interested in pursuing a career in the water industry?   

In general, jobs within the water industry remain relatively less affected by changes in the economy than other industries. Depending on skills and experience, folks can pursue a career in areas such as management, administration, operations, technical support, or engineering. Utility agencies have different job requirements based on how large and complex their operations are and what the specific job duties are. Some positions may require a high school diploma, while others demand a stronger math and chemistry background, or an Associate’s or Undergraduate degree. 

Folks who are interested in field operations will minimally need specialized training to become certified operators. Training programs are offered by professional organizations like the American Water Works Association (AWWA), schools, and online. There are two certification tracks for water operators: distribution (grades D1-D5) and treatment (grades T1-T5); both tracks require passing the exam in order to be certified. Operators need to complete continuing education (CE) hours to maintain their certification. 

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) oversees and administers the operator certification program. To learn how to become a certified water operator, you can visit the State website here.

For links to the Coachella Valley’s six water agencies’ current Careers and Job Openings, visit the CV Water Counts – Careers page – and check back often!