The CV Water Counts group is a nonprofit group that was formed to focus on water conservation, through awareness and education to Coachella Valley residents, businesses, and government. It is comprised of the Coachella Valley’s six water agencies.

Shared Water Conservation Goals: the Coachella Valley Regional Water Management Group
For decades, the valley’s six public agencies have been working together and, in 2008, they formed the Coachella Valley Regional Water Management Group to:

  • reduce water demand
  • increase our region’s water supply
  • improve regional water quality
  • serve as stewards of our shared water resource
  • improve efficiency and flexibility.

Collaboration Counts: the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

As a result of this collaboration, they have:

  • created an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
  • secured nearly $18 million in grant funding
  • funded water quality projects throughout the region
  • developed – and paid for – conservation programs, rebates, and incentives for residents
  • launched a comprehensive conservation outreach effort.

Research Tells Us Valley Residents View Water Conservation as Important

As part of the water agencies’ collaborative effort, research was conducted within the Coachella Valley for the purpose of identifying attitudes and opinions about water, water conservation and water conservation efforts of the local water agencies during the drought. A total of 400 surveys were collected. The survey indicated that water and drought were top-of-mind issues, surpassing even public safety and the economy. Click here for more information.

Joining Together To Help Those In Need: the Help2Others Assistance Program

In addition, CV Water Counts and United Way of the Desert have teamed up to offer the Help2Others Assistance Program. The program helps eligible residential customers avoid water service shut-off due to non-payment amounts owed to their water department. Agencies offer between $50 – $100 in credits – the amount and application varies by agency. For more information, visit Help2Others Program.

The Coachella Valley’s six water agencies

If you’re not sure who provides your water service, learn more here.

Your water agency needs your help to meet our Valley’s conservation goals, to ensure that future generations of Coachella Valley families can enjoy the same resources that we have today.

There are many things that you can do each day, that can really add up. Explore our website to learn how you can save, learn, and play – to make Every Drop Count!