Did you know Indio Water Authority is one of the fastest growing municipal utilities in the Coachella Valley? Indio Water Authority was formed as a Joint Powers Authority in 2000 to serve the Indio community. Since the establishment of the IWA, service connections have increased from approximately 12,100 to more than 23,500 connections. The majority of the new growth is occurring primarily North of Interstate 10.

IWA produces and distributes water to approximately 85,000 customers within its service area. The average daily consumption is 16 million gallons per day (MGD) with a daily maximum exceeding 21 million MGD in the summer. IWA is committed to providing customers with a reliable, high-quality water supply at the lowest reasonable cost through good financial stewardship, grant acquisition to offset service costs, public engagement and education, and community reinvestment through rebates and incentives, customer assistance, and capital spending.

As one of the fastest growing municipal utilities in the Coachella Valley, the Indio Water Authority is committed to maintaining a sustainable water supply for its residential and commercial customers. Please visit www.indiowater.org/rebates for information on how you can be part of the conservation efforts.