July is Smart Irrigation Month! Smart Irrigation Month is all about efficient and wise water use for irrigation, landscaping and agricultural.

When most people think of “smart” irrigation these days, a number of gadgets and devices that technology has brought into the world of home irrigation control come to mind. You can now buy home weather stations and irrigation controllers that are controlled by your smart phone, your smart watch, and even your television! Now you can even “nest” your irrigation devices along with your air conditioner and any other appliance. Home irrigation technology can monitor soil moisture, plant uptake of water, evapotranspiration rates and if measurable precipitation is occurring to automatically respond to those changing conditions. It’s amazing.

In the end, all of these devices and advances in technology still rely on the human factor. Common sense is still the best rule for controlling water use, after all, it still takes a human to program and monitor their “devices” to ensure everything is working as designed. Many people still use good old-fashioned watering methods to keep their yards green and enjoyable.

The Irrigation Association launched Smart Irrigation Month in July of 2005 because July is the peak month for water consumption. As we blast our air conditioners and soak in our pools during these warm summer months, let’s not forget about managing our irrigation and water use – no matter what type of gadget we may be using. 

Five common sense tips to save water:

  • Avoid watering on windy days to limit overspray and rapid evaporation
  • Install water efficient sprinkler heads
  • Landscape your yard with desert friendly, low water-use plants (see MSWD’s searchable guide here)
  • Check your garden or lawn for any broken sprinklers, valves or lines that may be damaged, leaking, or spraying on hardscape
  • Visit https://cvwatercounts.com/water-map/ to see the rebates your water agency offers

Remember, gadget or no gadget, managing water use still requires a little of your time and some common sense. Invest some during Smart Irrigation Month this year.