The Silk Tree Mimosa is great for providing shade under its umbrella shaped canopy and a feeding hub to beautiful hummingbirds. This deciduous tree grows rapidly from 25 to 35 feet high and a 35 to 40 feet wide umbrella shaped canopy (about 1,200 square feet). The wispy pink to rose aromatic flowers produce in abundance during the summer and sporadically at other times of the year. Some people prefer to locate silk tree mimosa trees in areas easy to clean the droppings of flowers and pods because they can be messy.

Silk tree mimosas require full sun and water every other day in the summer. Occasional deep watering is essential, otherwise the tree is short lived. This tree is not picky about soil type and can also make an excellent container plant.

If you are looking to attract beautiful hummingbirds with added shade to your garden, the Silk Tree Mimosa might be the tree for you!