Congrats, Coachella Valley. In just under two years, you have saved more than 25 billion gallons of water!!

To put the water savings into context, those 25 billion gallons saved since June, 2015 equals:

  • 1,136 Bellagio fountains (The giant man-made lake that fronts the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada is 5 acres in size and holds 22,000,000 gallons of recycled water.)
  • 37,854 Olympic-size swimming pools (660,430 gallons per pool)
  • 1/2 billion bathtubs (50 gallons per bath)
  • 625 million loads of laundry (40 gallons per load)
  • 160 billion venti lattes (20 oz)
  • 200 billion pints of beer
  • The amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls in 9.2 hours

“The drought may be officially over, but water conservation is a way of life. Residents and businesses made permanent water-saving changes that will benefit our valley for years to come,” notes Ashley Metzger, spokesperson for CV Water Counts, and Desert Water Agency’s Outreach & Conservation Manager. Metzger adds, “the CV Water Counts team is committed to promoting a water-wise valley lifestyle as something permanent.”