Water Professionals Appreciation Week is here! Obviously, we at CV Water Counts are excited about this, but we would like you to join in too.

The designation run from October 7 through October 15 and will have local urban and agricultural water agencies across the state hosint events and programs focused on staff appreciation, educating key audiences on the value of water and wastewater services, showcasing the important role that water professionals play in delivering water to California’s homes, businesses and farms, and promoting careers in the water industry. Water Professionals Appreciation Week was established by Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 80, authored by Sen. Bill Dodd (D-Napa).

“While this year’s rains eased drought conditions, supporting smart water policy and infrastructure has never been more crucial,” said Senator Dodd. “Our economy and our environment depend on water professionals working every single day to maintain and improve our water systems. Water truly is the lifeblood of our state and their work is indispensable.”

You can learn more about Water Professionals Appreciation Week here.