Water Professionals Appreciation Week is October 3-11.

In 2017, California Legislature recognized this week as an opportunity to highlight the important role all water district employees play in delivering safe and reliable water to homes and businesses. It’s also a good time to think about a career in water and wastewater services.

The water industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities – from engineers who design pipelines and the construction crews that maintain and repair them to lab technicians who analyze the water and makes sure it meets stringent state standards. It takes a dynamic team to make these systems run.

Water agencies need people with specialties in:

  • accounting
  • customer service
  • construction
  • engineering
  • information technology
  • law
  • human resources
  • communications
  • and more!

The work is rewarding because water districts provide a vital resource for the community. About 60,000 people work in California’s water industry and roughly 6,000 new employees are needed each year due to turnover.

Go to www.cvwatercounts.com/water-map/ to find your water district and available jobs. To view more jobs in the water industry, visit www.bcwaterjobs.secure.force.com/ListJobs or www.careercenter.awwa.org.