If you think dish duty is scary – you should see some of the things that come out of public sewer pipes!

In the kitchen

When you’re on kitchen cleanup, be sure that you put fats, oils and grease in the trash NOT down the drain. Used frying oil and grease should go into a container to cool – then get tossed in the trash.

Even if you have a bit of leftover butter or cream sauce, wipe down your pan before rinsing it off. These steps will help save your home’s plumbing and the public sewer system from nightmares.

In the bathroom

Even though they don’t dress the part for Halloween, toilets sometimes get treated like trashcans. It is really important for your home and the public sewer system that you only flush what is supposed to go down the drain. But what exactly is that?

What to flush

  1. #1 (pee)
  2. #2 (poo)
  3. Toilet paper

That’s it. Believe it or not, folks flush everything from hair and gum to tampons and diapers. These items can cause a huge burden on the system and can lead to backups in your home – the horror!

Medication is another item that people flush thinking it is better than putting pills in the trash. Get rid of your meds properly at a take-back location. If you need to dispose of less dangerous pills at home, place them in a small zip bag with something like dirt, kitty litter or coffee grounds. Throw prescription bottles out separately and consider using a permanent marker to mask your personal information.

Whether it is after cooking up treats in the cauldron or wiping off all that ghoulish makeup, taking time to dispose of things properly throughout your home is one great way to protect your pipes and help your community.

Image: Joe Pepler/PinPep via Independent.uk