When it comes to staying hydrated and quenching your thirst – there isn’t anything as healthy, eco-friendly and affordable as water.

It’s a great alternative to sugary drinks and diet beverages full of empty calories and artificial sweeteners. Eliminating sweet drinks is also a nice way to cut back on sugar during the Halloween candy season.

Some people though, just don’t like the taste of water or think it’s too dull.

If good ole fashioned tap water is too boring for you – dress it up! Infuse it the natural way with fresh fruits and herbs to give it a flavor boost.

Infused water is a smart and tasty alternative for people who don’t like or drink regular tap water.

It’s not only refreshing and sweetener-free, but infused water has a slew of health benefits depending on the combination of infused fruits and herbs. For example, citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C and mint can improve digestion.

And just drinking more water in general assists with weight management as well, helping to dissolve fat cells and control your appetite.

It can also be fun to create different combinations of fruits and herbs. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, watermelon, lemon, cucumber and basil are all infused water staples.

With fall in full swing, it’s fitting to try using seasonal fruits like apples, pears, pomegranate and honeydew. These harvest flavors can make water more interesting and appealing.

Infused water can be made using frozen or fresh fruit and in large batches or individual servings in water bottles. Some water bottle products even have special chambers with holes in it for steeping the fruit.

After a hard hot day, there’s often nothing more refreshing than cold, crisp flavored water. It can make you feel like you’re at a spa.

Here are some seasonal recipes for infused water using fall fruits: