As November brings cooler weather to the desert, use less water in your landscaping to avoid wasting water.

Plants and grass use less water during the fall and winter seasons. Gradually reduce watering as temperatures continue to drop. Reducing water use is the best way to do your part to save water for future generations.

For example, in November, grass only needs about four minutes per day. Similarly, in December water agencies recommend only three minutes per day. If your soil does not absorb water quickly, try dividing watering times into multiple sessions. This will allow the soil to efficiently absorb the water and reduce wasteful run-off. Download a monthly watering guide to use as a reminder to change your sprinkler system each month or season.

You can also install a smart irrigation controller that will water your landscaping automatically. It also comes with a rain sensor. Check with your water agency for rebates or discounts.

Remember also to turn off your sprinklers during measurable rainfall and keep them off for at least two days or until after the ground has dried.

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