(Callaeum macropterum) This is a twining vine with small, interesting, medium green leaves. It’s best to use a trellis, chain-link fence or any upright support. It accepts some shade.

It features dense clusters of showy, yellow, orchid-shaped flowers that appear in spring (if plants did not freeze the previous winter), and in fall. It’s best to remove frost-damaged leaves and stems in the late winter or early spring.

A moderately fast grower, the yellow orchid vine reaches 15 feet in a year, but is initially slow to establish. It is native to Mexico. The canopy coverage averages 177 square feet.

A similar plant is the Mascognia lilacina, a purple orchid vine. It is about the same size and has the same characteristics as the yellow orchid vine, but is more cold-hardy, and the flowers are purple.

Source: Lush & Efficient