California is in its third consecutive dry year, with little rainfall, low snowpack and reservoirs at or near historic lows. We also had a record-dry January and February – which are typically big months for rain and snow.

On March 28, 2022, Newsom issued an executive order that will likely have big impacts in the Coachella Valley. 

The State Water Board will now consider having every water agency in the state implement their Water Shortage Contingency Plan to save 20%.

The plan on how to save 20% here in the desert is different from other areas because our supply and conditions are different. The good news is that in the Coachella Valley however, water providers worked together so our response on how to save water will be similar.

We expect to be putting these water saving changes into action in late April or May. 

Locals should be on the lookout for new rules that may include:  

  • Not being allowed to water grass during the day
  • Restaurants serving water only upon request
  • Increased water waste enforcement and patrols 
  • Businesses and cities may not be able to water decorative grass

Current restrictions that have been in place since the last drought include: 

  • Watering so much it runs onto the sidewalk, driveway or other hardscape
  • Watering during or for 48 hours after a significant rain 
  • Using a hose to wash a car or windows unless it has an automatic shut-off nozzle

With summertime around the corner, Newsom also called on all Californians to limit their water use both inside and in the yard.

One way customers can do that is to take advantage of their water agency rebates or incentives. Go to our rebates page to learn more.

We look forward to working with our customers to save water!