Early spring is when pollinators start searching for nectar.

This April for National Garden Month, think about creating a water-wise pollinator garden to attract birds, bees and butterflies.

Creating a pollinator garden can be as easy as planting desert milkweed and a few nectar plants. 

Not only do these water-wise gardens help save water, but they are also a great way to spruce up landscaping and help sustain populations of pollinators, including the Monarch Butterfly.

Here are tips for creating a pollinator garden:

  1. Consider flowering plants, like Desert Marigold and Baja Fairy Dusters that bloom almost year round. 
  2. Include plants of varying heights and ones that grow well in full or partial sun. 
  3. Go organic. Avoid pesticides because they can be toxic to bees. 
  4. If you start with seeds, plant them in the fall or late winter so they have time to germinate. 
  5. If you go with nursery plants, dig holes big enough for the roots and reinforce with soil or compost. 
  6. Register as an official Monarch Waystation here.