This succulent is not a yucca, but in the agave family. It is a workhorse accent plant, flowering tirelessly. Long, slender, swordlike leaves are edged with loose, curling white threads. Plants form clumps up to 3 feet high and spread slowly to 5 feet or more. Red yucca is a long-term color provider with tall spikes of coral-pink flowers from late spring into late summer. The bell-shaped flowers are loved by hummingbirds. A variety with pale yellow flowers is also available.

Hesperaloe funifera, giant hesperaloe, is similar but larger, reaching to 6 feet high and as wide. Leaves are upright, thicker and swordlike. Wide-spreading flower stalks to 10 feet high are topped with greenish white blooms late spring to summer.

(Source: Lush & Efficient)