Many people turn on the faucet and don’t think about where the water comes from – or the hard work involved in getting it to their home.

What if there was no water the next time you turned on your faucet? No water to drink, cook food, wash your hands or bathe.

It’s not a fun premise, but it is at the core of “Imagine a Day Without Water” on Oct. 21. The special day was created to raise awareness of the importance of water and where it comes from.  This day also highlights the important work of water agencies to deliver safe and reliable water to homes and businesses 24/7 – even during a pandemic.

In the Coachella Valley, our drinking water comes from the groundwater basin, also referred to as the aquifer. Wells pump the water from deep underground to huge reservoirs. It is then delivered to homes and businesses via distribution pipes.

There are six Coachella Valley water agencies that deliver water: 

  • Coachella Valley Water District
  • Desert Water Agency
  • Mission Springs Water District
  • Coachella Water Authority
  • Indio Water Authority 
  • Myoma Dunes Water Company

To celebrate the day, communities across the country are hosting virtual events, sharing water stories on social media and engaging the public.

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