California is expected to adopt Making Conservation a California Way of Life regulations this year. The new regulation is expected to be finalized over the next few months and is intended to cultivate long-term practices that will help address California’s limited water supplies. The regulation will set new, permanent water use targets for local water agencies’ entire service area that combine:

  • How much water a person uses indoors per day;
  • How much water residents and commercial customers use outside; and
  • How much water is lost through leaks.

Rest assured, once the regulation is finalized, it will serve as a clear benchmark for water providers, outlining the state’s expectations for customer conservation. Your dedicated water provider is steadfast in its commitment to meet these targets. We are implementing a range of initiatives, including water-wise rebates, infrastructure enhancements, outdoor watering guidelines, and turf replacement programs, to ensure we all play our part in conserving water. For more information, visit

In California, we are no strangers to extreme weather swings, and your water agency is always preparing for the next dry year. We deeply appreciate our customers’ diligent efforts in using less water over the past decade, which have made a significant impact. As we move forward with the new regulation, we are excited to continue this journey with you. Your continued support and cooperation will enable us to make a lasting difference for our communities and future generations.