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Landscaping Tip of the Month: Put Your Vegetable or Herb Garden on its Own Irrigation Zone

A vegetable or herb garden should be on its own irrigation zone. Drip irrigation is an option, but specialty devices such as in-line drippers, multi-heads or irrigation tape can also be used. Check your garden daily when the system is first installed to be certain plants are receiving adequate moisture. Once the winter garden is established, watering may be required only two to three times per week, depending on soil type and the garden’s exposure. […]

Agency Spotlight: Desert Water Agency

Desert Water Agency was founded in 1961 as a groundwater management agency in the western Coachella Valley and started providing water service to customers in Palm Springs and Cathedral City in 1968. DWA is one of only 29 state water contractors in California. This gives the agency the ability to import water, which is used to recharge our groundwater basin (the main source of water in our desert). DWA currently has about 23,000 domestic water connections that serve approximately 75,000 people. […]

Landscaping Tip of the Month: Switch to Pressure Regulated Sprinklers

Spray heads are designed to operate at 30 psi and rotors are designed to operate at 45 to 50 psi. When sprays and rotors operate at pressures higher than designed, both flow rates and inefficiencies increase dramatically. By using pressure-regulated sprinklers flow rates are reduced, misting is reduced and efficiencies increase by 10 to 30 percent. […]

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