Even though overseeding has been a longstanding practice in the Coachella Valley, it is not necessary and can be wasteful. By not overseeding this year, you will save time, water, and money. This can equate to a savings of more than 8,000 gallons of water for each 1,000 square feet of grass.

If you must overseed, here are some guidelines to help you use less water.

  • According to the Desert Horticultural Society Guide to Overseeding, wait until later in the fall such as mid-October/mid-November to overseed when temperatures are cooler and less water is required for germination. 
  • Consider overseeding a smaller area, instead of the entire yard. 
  • Plant seeds in a clean bed and cover with grass clippings to protect them from the sun and evaporation. 
  • Make sure your sprinklers are working properly and only water enough to keep the seeds moist. When you see the grass sprouting, reduce irrigation frequency. 
  • Read the seed package label for mowing instructions and follow your water agency’s watering guide for grass. 

Rebates are available for turf removal and smart irrigation controllers. For more information, visit our Rebates page. Every Drop Counts!