When people turn on their faucet at home for a glass of drinking water or to shower, not much thought goes into where the water comes from or how the water gets to them.

Well, now it’s time to think about it and tip your hat to the workers behind the scenes that make it happen.

It’s Water Professionals Appreciation Week from Oct. 6-14. This is the perfect time to show your gratitude for their hard work in helping provide water to your home, office and the public facilities (like parks) that you enjoy.

Most water agencies in California are not-for-profit agencies whose employees are public servants who take an oath to help protect their communities during and after disasters. It can be a rewarding and fulfilling career for those from various backgrounds.

From Kindergarten to Career from ACWA on Vimeo.

From engineers who design pipelines and construction crews that maintain and repair pipelines to lab technicians who analyze the water and makes sure it meets stringent state standards, it takes a dynamic team to make these systems run.

Water agency jobs however aren’t just for people with experience specific to water. There are a wide variety of employees that work in accounting, customer service, information systems, conservation and communications, who are also vital to water agency operations.

This week is a great opportunity to speak with the young people in your life about a possible career in the water industry. Many children admire public employees like teachers, fire fighters, police officers and post office workers – but not as many have interactions with the people behind their water system.

Those of us in the water industry are privileged to serve you and to work alongside some pretty amazing people. CV Water Counts wishes a happy Water Professionals Appreciation Week to all of our colleagues!