Ornamental grasses are often overlooked elements in a lush, water-efficient landscape. This is a shame, because grasses add such diversity and texture. They can soften the rigid outlines of cacti and succulents, and reinforce the arching, fountainlike theme offered by ocotillo or vase-shaped trees. Grasses also add color, depending on the species and season. Some have striking fall foliage, while others have persistent seed heads that dangle like golden ornaments for several months.

Ornamental grasses need only two things from the homeowner: regular water to help keep them looking good, and a ‘haircut” once each year in late winter.

Sideoats Grama or Bouteloua Curtipendula is an upright, clumping grass with leaves that turn from blue-green during the growing season to tan in winter. It grows to two feet high and as wide. Flower stalks are pink to purple, blooming late spring and summer. Large seeds loved by birds develop on a single side of the stem. It is native to North American. The canopy coverage is approximately three square feet.

Source: Lush & Efficient