Most of us living in California are well aware of the need to conserve water, especially living here in our desert. One of the key goals of CV Water Counts is to encourage individuals, businesses and organizations to be aware that “Every Drop Counts.”

Beginning in 2017, to help get this very important message out, we recruited local Coachella Valley water-droplet and resident, Splash, to be the CV Water Counts spokesperson.

Splash has appeared online, on social media, television, radio, outdoor billboards, in print, in schools, at special events, and all over town – to help spread the word. By offering simple, easy to remember tips to save water – both indoors and out – he’s helping us all realize that it doesn’t take much to be water-wise every day.

And since June 2015, the Coachella Valley has saved more than 60 billion gallons of water!

But there’s more we can do. To learn more about how you can conserve water, check out the LEARN page. You can read all about where the majority of our water comes and our various other water sources. You can find out about the TRIC watering system – an efficient way to keep your trees thriving while conserving water. And you can find out answers to some of the most commonly asked questions of local water agencies here.

So take it from Splash and remember, “Every Drop Counts.”