Prostrate rosemary can be clumping, mounding, creeping or trailing, depending on the selection. In addition, upright forms grow as shrubs up to 6 feet tall. It is recommended that cultivars be selected carefully to fit the purpose and garden space.

‘Prostratus’ spreads 4 to 8 feet and remains less than 2 feet high. Small, light blue to violet flowers are profuse in the early spring. Many recent introductions are also available. Some have broader leaves, such as ‘Miss Jessup’ and others have brighter colored flowers such as ‘Collingwood Ingram.’ ‘Huntington Carpet’ is a particularly low-growing selection that retains foliage in the center of the plant, better than other creeping forms. Native to the Mediterranean, the canopy coverage is up to 50 square feet. All forms of rosemary can be used as the culinary herb.

Source: Lush & Efficient