Ornamental grasses are often overlooked elements in a lush, water-efficient landscape. This is a shame, because grasses add interest, texture and other unique features. They can soften the rigid outlines of cacti and succulents, and reinforce the arching, fountainlike theme offered by ocotillo or vase-shaped trees. Grasses also add color, depending on the species and season; some even have striking fall foliage. Others have persistent seedheads that rustle and sway in the wind like golden ornaments, adding the sense of sound and movement like no other plant form.

One type of ornamental grass is Pink Muhly, or Muhlenbergia capillaris. A real traffic-stopper, the Pink Muhly produces graceful, fluffy, purple-to-pink plumes that really show their color in late summer and fall. It’s best to plant these where the sun will backlight the flowerheads. It grows 3 to 4 feet high and as wide, and its canopy coverage can be up to 13 square feet. This large size makes it excellent for large home landscapes and public areas such as parks and golf courses. The Pink Muhly is native to Texas and northern Mexico.

Source: Lush & Efficient