With pipelines and pumps out of the public purview, there is often not much attention given to water utilities until a main breaks or water disruption occurs.

Water Week 2019 runs March 31 through April 6 to highlight water industry issues to lawmakers in Washington D.C.

Water professionals from all across the country will descend on the Capitol during this week to help influence water policy and advocate for investments in our country’s infrastructure so water agencies can continue to provide safe drinking water without disruption.

Studies estimate the United States needs anywhere from about $650 billion to more than $1 trillion in investments over the next 25 years to just maintain the current level of water and infrastructure.

At the state level, California’s water delivery system was never fully built out and is more than 50 years old. In the Coachella Valley some pipes are nearing the century mark, driving home the importance of local investment and upgrades. We also rely on the dated state system to bring water to our community and keep it sustainable.

California’s WaterFix – in the planning stages for more than a decade – aims to modernize the delivery system and capture more water during wet years to sustain a reliable and long-term water supply. Drought is cyclical and will return, so efficient storage of water is necessary to help during the dry years.
The plan proposes a system to move water underneath the fragile Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in Northern California instead of through it, which is the current process.

While originally planned as a two-tunnel project, Gov. Gavin Newsom in his State of the State speech in February, voiced support for a single-tunnel approach. Work is underway to redefine California WaterFix to align with the Governor’s vision.

Water agencies applaud Newsom’s recognition of the need to invest in infrastructure. In order to meet the future demand for water, we must deliver water efficiently throughout the state.

Water Week is a great reminder to stay on top of local water policy issues and advocate for reliable and safe water delivery at all levels.