Saving water is important every day, and for those who want to go the extra mile to save water this Thanksgiving – we have some tips for you.

1) Turn off those sprinklers so when the kids (and kids at heart) want to play ball, they’ve got a nice dry surface. It’ll also help cut back on the grass stains and the need for laundry later.

2) Now, let’s talk turkey. If you are defrosting – start now in the refrigerator, not under running water. For those of you not committed to brining, skip it. There are people out there that live by dry prep turkeys. My family actually injects the turkey with Frank’s Hot Sauce.

3) For fluffier mashed potatoes, don’t put them in a full pot of boiling water, use just two inches to steam the potato before mashing. This is a new for me – I tried it last night with sweet potatoes and was very pleased with the results.

4) Once the guests arrive – ask them to keep track of their glass throughout the night. You can even pull out those wine glass charms so people know which glass is theirs. This will cut back on cleanup.

5) Keep the half-filled water glasses at the end of the night and enlist some of the little ones to use that water for houseplants.

6) When you are ready to tackle dishes, make sure you’re only washing full loads. You can also fill the sink part way, plug it and use that water for a quick rinse.

7) Thanksgiving is about food and family. If you can make water conservation part of the tradition, that’s great.

From all of us at CV Water Counts: a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!