Check back often to find out about the drought.

Water agencies in the Coachella Valley are doing their part by working regionally to promote water conservation through awareness and education through CV Water Counts, as well as long-term planning to ensure water supply reliability its customers. Recent planning efforts include the completion of the 2020 Coachella Valley Regional Urban Water Management Plan, which looks at water resource forecasting for the next 20 years, assessment of water supply reliability during drought, and outlines strategies and efforts in the event of a water shortage. A copy of the 2020 Coachella Valley Regional Urban Water Management Plan can be found online here.

Agencies are offering various rebate programs for turf removal, replacing inefficient irrigation systems, and certain indoor appliances. Check with your water agency to see what programs are being offered in your service area, or visit our Rebates page here.

Information Resources

For more information on the drought, check out the below websites: – Drought Conditions for California – Drought Conditions for Riverside County

U.S. Drought Monitor – California’s Current Map

Coachella Valley Water District – Drought Updates

Desert Water Agency – The Drought